Prensa Latina: Hatuey group’s solidarity for Cuban children with cancer highlighted

reprinted from Prensa Latina
May 20, 2024
translated by Walter Lippmann for Cuba News

Havana, May 20 (Prensa Latina) The members of the Hatuey group represent the true people of the United States, simple, hard-working and supportive, said Fernando González, president of ICAP, today in the delivery of medicines and supplies for Cuban children with cancer.

This is how the head of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) referred to the noble action of the Hatuey project, acronym in English for Health Advocates in Truth, Unity and Empathy.

The activists will directly deliver the donations to the Juan Manuel Márquez pediatric hospitals, in the capital, and José Luis Miranda, in the central province of Villa Clara.

“You are the best symbol of American society, of the United States of the future, because you work hard and did everything possible to ensure that these resources reach Cuba when the efforts of good people who advocate for the end of the blockade are most needed. economic, commercial and financial,” González highlighted.

The leader of this initiative, Gloria la Riva, explained at a press conference that the purchase of the shipment, which includes specific medications that are in high demand and scarce in the country due to this hostile blockade policy, was possible thanks to the support of friends, organizations, and Americans of goodwill who managed to raise 60 thousand dollars for this purpose.

“It is little according to the needs, it is not much but there has been a lot of work to achieve it, and this is just the beginning, the world is with the Cuban people and against the economic blockade imposed by the United States,” she stated.

Organizations such as Pastors for Peace, the Party for Socialism and Liberation of the United States, and the Popular Forum in New York were present at this mobilization, as were friends from Australia and American doctors who provided scientific advice and contacts with pharmaceutical companies.

“We are here to show the Cuban people that they are not alone, we are much stronger united and united we are going to defeat the blockade, we cannot disappoint Cuba, we will always be on their side,” said La Riva.

According to the activist, the initiative was possible after almost a year of calls and fundraising.

In this regard, she called on all friends of the Cuban Revolution to raise their voices as was done when the child Elián González was kidnapped and on the occasion of the campaign for the release of the Five Cuban anti-terrorists convicted for defending their Homeland and to help to the island with material solidarity.

The Hatuey humanitarian group delivered several loads of medicines, construction materials and other resources of great help to alleviate the impact of health emergencies during the Covid-19 pandemic, and after the fire at the Matanzas Supertanker Base, and the passage of Cyclone Ian through Pinar del Río.