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Hatuey activists with donated materials

The Hatuey Project is happy to report that we visited the Pinar del Río warehouse and witnessed the 40,000 pounds of valuable material which we delivered by ship. This essential material, 500 panels (18,000 pounds) of quality sheet metal roofing at 3’x12′ each, 19,200 pounds of concrete, two 12,000-watt electrical generators, windows, plywood, tools and more for Cuba’s post-hurricane housing recovery is because of you! Your generosity made this possible.

Donated materials in warehouse
Housing is Health! 500 panels of quality sheet metal roofing 3’x12′, 19,200 pounds of concrete, two 12,000-watt electrical generators and much more are the result of donations from hundreds of individuals and organizations to Hatuey Project.

As we spoke with the construction workers and community people in their valiant recovery efforts, supported by the Cuban government, we saw their creative determination to rise from the post-hurricane ruins.

Hurricane Ian devastated Pinar del Río province and larger region, causing damage or destruction to 102,000 homes. All of the productive capacity of the region’s famed tobacco industry was wiped out completely. This means a huge loss in future income for the country. Agriculture was also deeply affected, with most crops wiped out.

University of Havana professors and students have volunteered to rebuild homes since September after Hurricane Ian damaged or destroyed 102,000 homes in Pinar del Río. Here with Hatuey Project activists.

The Hatuey Project concentrates on medical aid donations. Since our founding last June, we have already delivered prenatal vitamins and other essential medicines for Cuba’s maternal homes last July, brought vital medicines for burn patients after the enormous Supertanker oil fire in Matanzas in late August. Then, after Hurricane Ian, (a category 3 hurricane that changed to a category 4 as it passed over the island), we believed it an urgency to join the international efforts to help the Cuban people recover. Doctors we have met with told us that they consider the recovery of housing for the Cuban families in that area to be an absolute necessity for health.

As we visited the warehouse where the goods are stored before free distribution to the population for their home reconstruction, we especially thanked the organizations and hundreds of individuals who gave so generously to this latest delivery — The Peoples Forum, the ANSWER Coalition, el Movimiento Hostosiano en Solidaridad with Cuba of Puerto Rico, the Mexico Solidarity Network, the Western Sydney Committee in Solidarity with Cuba, and many more people who made this possible. We thank each and everyone of you!

Join us in our next project as we explore ways to maximize our delivery of medicines and other medical aid to Cuba’s renowned health care system, as well as struggle together to defeat the U.S. criminal blockade.

Hatuey members with Dr. Márquez Estévez (center) and Mariela Ortiz Montero (left), who works giving attention to the community served by the Dr. Hector Terry Molinert University Polyclinic in Havana.

Please click here to make a donation to The Hatuey Project for Hurricane Relief. Every donation to Hatuey is tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor, The Alliance for Global Justice. 

On behalf of The Hatuey Project, we thank you.

Gloria La Riva, coordinator, Hatuey Project
Nadia Marsh, MD, Assoc. Prof. of Clinical Medicine
Simon Ma, MD, MPH, Family Medicine

Leni Villagómez Reeves, MD
Rachel Viqueira, MHS, Epidemiologist

About the Hatuey Project

We are health providers and social justice activists concerned about the harmful effects of the U.S. economic blockade of Cuba. We have inaugurated this medical aid project to extend solidarity to the Cuban people, with the procurement of vital medicines and medical equipment.

Cuba has already shown that its remarkable health care and scientific/biotech systems are fully capable of serving the 11+ million people on the island, providing excellent quality, universal and free care to everyone. But more than 240 measures by the Trump administration that turned the screws even further on Cuba’s people — in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic — have created a truly difficult situation for the people. We have already taken part in direct delivery of vital medicines over the last year, and we aim to do much more.

We invite you to join in our project in any way you can: With your monetary contribution, as well as helping procure major donations from pharmaceuticals and other medical providers. We are fully volunteer; all of the donations we receive will go strictly to acquire medical aid. Shipping costs will be held to the utmost minimum. The Hatuey Project is fiscally sponsored by the Alliance For Global Justice, so all donations are tax-deductible. Join our effort today!

People delivering medications

In July, our project delivered much-needed vitamins & medicines to 133 homes in Cuba for pregnant women who are at risk.

In August, we delivered almost $20,000 worth of medical supplies to aid the burn victims of the tragic fire at the oil depot in Matanzas. Click here to read more.

Cuban mother and child

The U.S. Blockade has created many challenges for the people of Cuba. Read the UN Report

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